English Evening Flowers


Evening Flowers:
3 Images created as one Print. Print area size 12 x 36.5 inches = 30.5 x 93 cm


Limited Edition Print Run Of: 100

English Evening Flowers

3 Images created as one Print. Print area size 12 x 36.5 inches = 30.5 x 93 cm, with an additional @ 2 inch = 5cm border around Print for mounting and framing. Full print with borders 16 x 40 inches = 41 x 102 cm.

These 3 images has been created and selected as one Print captured on Fuji Velvia 50, 120 film, using a Specialist Professional Rolleiflex 2.8GX TLR (Twin lens Reflex) 6X6 medium format analog camera.



All prints are ultimate professional archival prints; silver halide based C-types are real photographic prints, created on light sensitive professional photographic paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source. The Photographic paper is FujiFilm Crystal Archive paper with a semi-matt finish the professional choice for framed prints . The paper is coated with a slightly stippled finish and gives a very natural photographic finish with subtle colour.

If for some reason you don’t want to frame this print, we can use Fuji Gloss Professional colour paper from the FujiFilm Crystal Archive range with a gloss finish, which accentuates the colour to give a punchy, rich feel, or Kodak Metallic paper which has a rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel to them, but these two options are not recommended for framed prints, For this option you need to let us know in the ‘Additional Information box’ when you are ordering.

Additional information about The Flower in the print:

Left-hand side; is an image of the Giant Onion (Allium giganteum) fruiting umbels. Middle image; is of the Great Burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) usually found in meadows. Right-hand side; is an image of the (Persicaria amplexicaulis).

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