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The landscape is not only endlessly varied it is also constantly changing, and this is what makes it such a fascinating and challenging subject. It’s the depth and impact of one moment of a beautiful or a decaying landscape, that is protected through photography, capturing a moment that’s gone forever.

Listening to people through the years of being in fashion and photography, has made me a totally believe in the saying "Its in the eye of the beholder ". Art and Photography is how we as an individual see the world and our life.

Photography is such a personal thing and we view things differently through our values, on how we where brought up interpreting beauty, destruction, good and evil. The value of an image, created and captured by an artist, is only kept until someone else lays his or her eyes upon it and then it becomes theirs.

Photographs evoke the essence of places we have not been, we perhaps will not return to, and should never forget.

In this stage of thing moving so fast we will still long for things and images to stop, be captured and framed. Our love for Still Life Photography will always be – moments we will always remember ‘that moment’ through Still Photography in black and white or with the impact of natures array of colours, which can alter emotions in its penetrating delivery of a subject.

Thanks for your interest
Brian Povlsen